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6 Small Business Ideas for Big Warehouse Owners

Do you have a large warehouse sitting empty? Before you commit to renting it out, you might want to consider the many other business opportunities this empty space has to offer. Here are six small business ideas that will help you turn your large, empty warehouse into extra income:

Smaller Storage Space

Finding someone to rent a large warehouse will likely prove to be more challenging than breaking down space into smaller storage areas. Most people today have enough stuff laying around that they need somewhere to store it. To prepare the warehouse, you can hire a builder to partition your space and a company to install some type of security. Once space is ready, you can then seek a real estate agent to help you get clients quickly.

Individual Offices

Another idea is to section of your large warehouse into smaller office spaces. The preparation process will be similar to setting up smaller storage spaces. When it’s ready, you can then rent out each space to different people for business purposes.

Events Center

Big events need a space to allow them to safely happen. Large warehouses can be a perfect location for private parties. You can also take it a step further and work with an event producer that can help clients plan and decorate the space for their event. Dancers, musicians, and artists also need large spaces for training and rehearsal. You could consider renting out your warehouse to them for practices, events, rehearsals and/or recitals.


Warehouse gyms are becoming increasingly popular, as the fitness industry continues to grow leaps and bounds. Turning your warehouse into a gym and fitness center, where people pay subscription fees, is a great investment idea.

Flea Market

Another popular attraction, many people seek out flea markets. You could easily convert your warehouse into a flea market where people can sell their used clothing, fresh produce, and other low-priced items.

Film House

Consider renting your warehouse to filmmakers. Shooting scenes often require huge spaces or a green screen for special effects. You would be surprised how interested film producers might be in using your space; it would cost much less compared to filming in different locations.

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